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Optimal Gains

Cold Plunge Tub

Cold Plunge Tub

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Discover the power of cold plunge therapy with the OG Cold Plunge Executive Edition. Crafted from decades of expertise and designed for simplicity, this plunge tub offers a premium experience without the complexity.

  • 💪 The best permanent or portable cold plunge system available 
  • 🚀 Uses NASA-grade technology
  • 📱Comes with a high end heat resistant (yes, even here in Arizona) chiller controlled by our app
  • 🧊 Temps down to 35
  • 🔥 Up to jacuzzi level heat
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    Elevate your wellness with the "Executive Edition" OG Cold Plunge

    Modeled after the practices of elite athletes, our plunge tub brings you the proven benefits of cold immersion therapy in an easy-to-follow, all-in-1 package.

    Why choose the OG Cold Plunge?

    Modeled after the practices of elite athletes, our plunge tub brings you the proven benefits of cold immersion therapy in an easy-to-follow format.

    Say goodbye to confusion about when, how long, and at what temperature to plunge. We've streamlined the process, making it effortless to enjoy the rewards of cold therapy.

    ❄️ Effortless Chilling

    Our 1HP chiller unit, controllable via a digital display or mobile app, ensures the water stays cold at a refreshing 36 degrees – anytime, anywhere.

    💪 Built To Last

    Constructed with NASA-grade material, our plunge tub combines toughness with insulation, maintaining a steady temperature for your comfort.

    ✨ Impeccable Cleanliness

    With a 20 Micron Filtration system and built-in ozone sanitizer, keeping the tub clean is a breeze. Enjoy crystal-clear water for every session

    🧠 Simple Setup

    From unboxing to the first plunge, it takes just 15 minutes. No expertise needed – we've made it hassle-free.

    👨 Designed For You

    Created with busy individuals in mind, the "Executive Edition" OG Cold Plunge requires minimal maintenance, giving you more time for what matters.

    ⚡️ Experience Professional Results

    Get the benefits of high-end cold plunge therapy without the high price tag. Join those who've embraced cold immersion for optimal well-being.

    Embrace the OG Cold Plunge: Elevate your wellness journey today.

    NBA Strength Coach & Hall Of Fame Inductee - Mike Brungardt

    As the former head Strength Coach for the NBA's San Antonio Spurs with five World Championships under my belt, I've trained athletes and executives for over 40 years, earning a spot in the Hall of Fame.

    Our team has been using and researching cold plunges for decades. The key lies in the details, and that's why I exclusively endorse the OG Cold Plunge.

    The advanced technology and user-friendly setup replicate the experience of having a dedicated support team preparing and cleaning for you. If you value your time and money but still want the benefits of cold plunging, the OG Cold Plunge is the ultimate choice.